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February 23, 2021 Punit Soni

Suki has grown so much in the last year. Our product has improved by leaps and bounds, we have signed on many health systems, practices, and clinicians, and we’ve hired talented people that I’m proud to have in the Suki family. To continue to support our growth, we’re making investments to make sure we keep innovating quickly and maintain the high-quality experience that our users deserve.

I’m really excited to share that we’ll be opening an office in Bangalore, India. No major technology company in today’s era can achieve greatness without an India story. And we are glad to kick this off with a major investment in a world-class engineering and customer success center that will complement our US team. We expect a key part of our operations and technical capabilities to be built out in India and will start a recruiting effort to support this. Our goal is to build a selective, thoughtful, center of excellence that will be the engine of our growth in coming days.

To lead the office, I’m very thrilled to welcome Nitin Gupta to Suki. Nitin is a seasoned engineering leader with 20 years of experience building software solutions across a variety of industries. He’s worked at companies of all sizes, from the largest (Microsoft) to even running his own startup, and he knows how to build and grow a high-performing engineering team from the ground up. 

Our Bangalore office will also enable us to offer our users 24/7 support. We know clinicians do their documentation at all hours of the day, so this team will help us be even more responsive to any questions or issues. We also have key business partners in India, so I’m looking forward to working with these partners more closely.

Immediately, we’re looking for software and mobile engineers who want to join us in our mission to bring joy back to medicine. If you care deeply about reducing administrative burden from clinicians, want to be part of a talented, high-performing team, and have a lot of fun while you’re at it, submit your resume on our Careers page.

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Punit Soni

Punit Soni is the founder and CEO of Suki, a startup that is using machine learning and voice technologies to build an AI-powered digital assistant for doctors. He leads a team of physicians, engineers, and technologists creating innovative solutions to lift the administrative burden from doctors.

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