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Suki is like electricity, once you have it you can't imagine going without it. Dr. Richard Johnston Orthopedics I love Suki, it helps me get my notes done faster and I don't have to type. Dr. Sharrona Williams Orthopedics I use it for every single note and I finish them all by the end of my day. Dr. Cody Bogema Family Practice I went and saw a play last night for the first time in a long time and I didn't sweat it because I knew it was easy to get my notes done with Suki. Dr. Michael Miller Family Practice I want you to know that the work you and your team are doing to help me get out from under the EHR burden is very much appreciated! Dr. Catherine Carrigan Family Practice Suki saves me hours of work everyday just because I don't have to make edits to the notes like I do with Dragon. Dr. Phillip Wines Cardiology Having my content pre-populated in different note types in Suki is AMAZING! Dr. Colleen Vanderkolk Neurology The notes are so accurate, I don't even have to review them word for word. I know they are perfect and I trust Suki to get it right. Dr. Jeremy Statton Orthopedics " " " " " " " " Questions? Visit our help center: Doctors are talking... The Suki name and logo are trademarks of Suki AI, Inc. © 2019 Suki AI, Inc. All rights reserved.

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