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Case Study: Dr. Ereso, Plastic Surgeon

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Plastic Surgery Specialist Reduces Time Per Patient Note by More than 80% with Suki Background Dr. Alexander Ereso, MD is a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. His extensive training and attentiveness to his patients has helped him build his reputation as a top surgeon delivering safe, consistent and excellent results. Prior to Suki, Dr. Ereso was spending significant time typing patient notes into his electronic medical record (EMR) – time motion studies show Dr. Ereso averaged 12.1 minutes per note. "To get my notes into the EMR, I either had to write notes on paper, then type them into the system or bring a laptop into consultations – both were distracting to patients. I tried using dictation software but found that I spent more time correcting transcription errors," said Dr. Ereso. "My patients want to feel that I am engaging with them and listening to their goals and desires. They understand that I need notes, but notetaking during the appointment takes away from the patient experience. And, all of the notetaking approaches that I tried were time consuming."

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