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Case Study: Dr. Ereso, Plastic Surgeon

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"Not only did Suki increase the quality of my time with patients, but it also improved the quality of my notes," said Ereso. "Because I can speak faster than I can type, my notes with Suki are very detailed and specific to each patient. When I was taking notes manually, I relied on creating templates for certain sections to save time, which meant the notes were more general and less specific to the patient. I'll be honest, my handwriting is pretty slow, so I found myself taking fewer notes or writing with less detail. Suki has eliminated this problem. Now that I have Suki, I'm able to finish notes right after a patient's visit or shortly thereafter. This means that I'm able to record specifics that I might not have remembered if I had to finish all of my notes later in the day or at home." Dr. Ereso adds that when he compares his previous EMR notes with notes created with Suki, he is often astonished by the increased level of detail found in the notes created using Suki. In several instances, the detail was instrumental in making clinical decisions. "The level of detail in my Suki notes has improved decision making during surgery as well as with post-op care." Suki improved the quality of my notes. " " Higher Quality Notes, Faster One concern Dr. Ereso had before starting with Suki was about its accuracy. He'd heard that even notes from human scribes had errors like he'd found with dictation software. "I was surprised by Suki's accuracy. It was able to precisely record what I was saying. I could just speak to Suki the way I would write notes during a consultation," said Dr. Ereso. "There is specific verbiage that I use that Suki is able to capture, which means that I spend far less time editing my patient notes." With use, Suki's AI learned Dr. Ereso's preferences for terminology, formatting, and clinical practice and generates accurate notes even faster. Data from Suki shows that Dr. Ereso now spends an average of 2.3 minutes per note – more than an 80% reduction from the 12.1 minutes spent per note when typing.

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