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Suki Authentication and Authorization Aug2021

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Page 0 of 0 The Suki name and logo are trademarks of Suki AI, Inc. © 2021 Suki AI, Inc. All rights reserved. Authentication & Authorization The Suki application is protected by an authentication and authorization service. All users must have a unique user ID and password to access their Suki account. The application also provides for role-based access and strong password controls. Accessing the Suki Application Identity Provider Suki integrates with a third-party service called Okta which serves as our Identity Provider. Within OKTA, Suki implements OpenID Connect (OIDC), which is a protocol that sits on top of the OAuth2.0 framework. MFA can be enabled for Suki accounts upon request. Suki currently supports Google Authenticator as the method of MFA, with other options becoming available once Federated identity support is implemented (see below). Multi-Factor Authentication Biometric Login The Suki iOS and Android applications support biometric methods of authentication (fingerprint or face ID) on smartphones. Active Directory Support Currently Suki does not support federation with the customer's directory service. Federated identity is on our roadmap for Q2 2022. Supported methods would be SAML 2.0 or OpenID Connect.

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